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We provide professional
window tinting with
quality films and material
We do not compromise
on quality, however
we ensure that it is affordable
Meeting and exceeding
our customers needs
will always be our first priority
Masilo Tint offers window tinting installation and removal for Automotive, Commercial and Residential  and also provides anti-smash & grab tinting and tint removal. Currently based in Johannesburg Gauteng, Masilo Tint provide the best quality and affordable window tinting around. Our services expand to as far as construction and projects  

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With Masilo Tint you pay less for real value & quality...

masilo tint request for quote image for window tinting in automotive commercial recidential cars offices and houses and includes safety with anti smash and grab film
There are plenty of reasons to why you should choose us for window tinting services. We provide the solution to your problem. Masilo Tint is the business you can trust. Having been existing for over fifteen years, our mission has always been to provide excellent service delivery to our customers and exceed their expectations. Our aim is to offer best quality window tinting, best pricing and serve as a business you can rely on. 
automotive window tinting image
This gives a custom look to your vehicle as well as protecting you against UV rays and heat by redusing the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle.  
commercial window tinting image
Provide privacy, in which you can choose to either tint the window and make sure that no one sees neither inside and outside or you can only  
residential window tinting image
inhance the building from outsite to inside.Provide privacy, in which you can choose to either tint the window and make sure that no one sees  

Protect yourself     
               and family!


Protect your                          

With the rapid increase of the blazing climate change in the Southern African regions, window tinting stand to be the best solutions to reduce and protect yourself and properties from the sun light heat and Ultra Violet rays.  
Protected against sunlight, heat, UV rays, crime and danger of shattered glasses 
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