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Masilo Tint Construction & Project is a company based in Johannesburg that specialize in Window Tinting solutions and further provide construction project services. Masilo Tint's window tinting solutions offers window film installation and removal for Automotive, Commercial and Residential and also provides anti-smash & grab tinting and tint removal.  
  Masilo Tint Logo, window tinting for automotive recidential commercial and anti smash and grab film installation
Established in 1997, Masilo Tint continues to provide the best quality window tinting services available. Our goal has always been to provide the solution to your problem and leave you satisfied at all times. 
Masilo Tint installs and removes films from windows. Furthermore we provide free on site quotation and best guide on the type of tint you want to install. Masilo Tint does not compromise on quality… That is why we make use of world class imported films and materials.

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